Physical Therapy

San Diego Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is always the same; it is to help you move better and pain relief through: promoting tissue repair, improving your fitness level and physical function. 

At Mesa Physical Therapy we strongly believe that physical therapy is not about pain and torture, but rather is about diminishing chronic pain and reclaiming function. This means you can have the best quality of life as you define it.

There is a diverse group of people that can benefit from Physical Therapy and chronic pain relief: a person with chronic neck pain or those in need of back pain relief, a professional with repetitive strain injury, a worker with an injured shoulder, a senior with arthritis, an injured athlete, a surgical patient needing rehabilitation and many others.

Contrary to what most people think, physical therapy is not solely used for the treatment of an injury or a disability. Physical therapists are widely recognized for being experts in providing impactful preventative care and wellness. Consulting a physical therapist early on could potentially provide pain relief as well as help you avoid drugs or surgery as the treatment for your particular condition.

San Diego Mesa Physical Therapy Services

By combining exercises that strengthen your muscles and correct posture, stretches that improve your flexibility and increase range of motion and manual pain therapy that reduces pain and inflammation, a physical therapist can design an individualized plan of care that will help you reach your unique functional goals.

Patient education is a key factor that distinguishes a good physical therapist from a great one. At Mesa Physical Therapy we believe knowledge is power. We want to empower patients by giving them the tools, structure and resources they need to succeed. To achieve this, we have created Specialized Programs designed to be the road maps for your unique path to recovery and avoid any further chronic pain.

Learn more about our Specialized Programs and experience YOUR path to recovery. 


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Mesa Phys Therapy is AWESOME! I went for an IT Band issue that was posing problems when I ran. The whole staff is friendly, and knowledgeable. I was always greeted with a smile (even when I wasn't in the best mood). Mark was my PT and he was fantastic. He set me up with regular exercises to do at home. At the office he tried a few different treatments and when we hit on something that worked well, we kept at it. I was able to not only run the shorter distances that would begin to manifest the pain in my knee, but move beyond those distances and get into longer and longer runs. The net result: my runs were more consistent, my speed increased, and the pain went away. If I have another issue that needs to be dealt with through PT, I'll definitely use Mesa again.

How We Treat

Manual Therapy
  • This includes joint and soft-tissue mobilization, massage therapy and manual traction.
Therapeutic Exercise
  • To improve range of motion, strength, balance, coordination and posture, while promoting tissue repair.
Electrical Stimulation
  • To decrease pain and swelling and facilitate faster healing.
  • High frequency sound waves that create a deep heating effect and improve cell function that can promote tissue repair and reduce pain.
  • A medicated patch that patients can wear for effective pain relief or inflammation.
Light Therapy
  • Red/infrared laser light that promotes cell metabolism without heating the tissue. We are proud to use the latest technology, Dynatron Solaris and RichMar Laser Prism, for tissue repair and to treat inflammation. 
Home Exercise Programs
  • We will create a customized program to help you recover from injury, improve strength, balance and coordination so that we can enhance your treatment sessions. 
On-site Rehabilitation Center
  • Our comprehensive center includes advanced equipment that has been carefully selected to allow you to perform exercises that can't be easily performed at home. The treatment you will receive in our on-site rehabilitation center will give you the confidence to progress and fine tune your Home Exercise Program to achieve optimal results.
Cold Compression
  • We utilize Game Ready ™ for swelling, inflammation and joint pain.