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ALINE - "The World's Most Advanced Insoles"

ALINE Orthotics - Mesa Physical Therapy San Diego

Our orthotic inserts have a 97% user satisfaction as well as proven positive outcomes of improved alignment, balance and improved comfort.

As an ALINE Certified Expert, Mesa Physical Therapy provides:

  • FREE Custom Fitting
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    = $80 Total Price with Tax Included

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ALINEment helps
Foot, Knee, and Back Pain

ALINEment helps
Athletic Performance

ALINEment helps

ALINE Orthotics - Mesa Physical Therapy San Diego

BEFORE ALINE: Poor alignment of feet, ankles & knees (shown on LEFT) can cause injuries such as plantar fasciitis, neuromas, shin splints, knee, hip and back pain.

AFTER ALINE: Ankle and knee are now aligned (shown on RIGHT) resulting in improved balance, stability and decreased pain.

By correcting your posture, function and alignment, an ALINE orthotic could help you go back to performing activities like walking, running or standing more adequately and painlessly.

ALINE Orthotics - Mesa Physical Therapy San Diego
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Mesa Physical Therapy is the most professionally run place I've seen in quite some time. The staff is friendly, kind, sincere with a genuine concern for my well being and healing. My road to recovery has been smooth as a result of their hard work. I am very pleased and I highly recommend this group.