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The Sports Injury Program is designed for athletes of all levels that are determined to get back in “their game” as fast as possible. Mesa Physical Therapy’s Sports Therapy Program is focused on giving you the tools and treatment you need to strengthen and heal your injury so that you can have a speedy recovery and get back to your favorite sport. Whether you’ve sprained or torn a muscle/ligament, fractured a bone, or sustained a sports related surgery, our program ensures advanced hands-on individualized treatment that will help you heal while teaching you how to improve performance and prevent the risk of re-injury. Our therapists have extensive background and training in sports medicine as well as experience treating athletes of all levels including Olympians.

Sports Therapy from Experts in Sports Medicine

San Diego Mesa Physical Therapy - Sports Medicine

The underlying cause of your injury could be different than somebody else’s. Our therapists understand that each patient should be uniquely evaluated in order to address every factor that might need attention. In our Sports Therapy Program, we perform a full analysis that determines the cause of injury and any structural or mechanical problems that are causing you pain. When appropriate, we will provide taping, orthotics and/or will suggest specialized braces so that you can continue to participate in some physical activity while your injury is still healing. There are many conditions that can be considered sports injuries including: sprains and strains, shin splints, swollen muscles, knee injuries, dislocations and fractures.

Don’t give up your active lifestyle! The sports medicine experts at Mesa Physical Therapy will help you get back into the competition safely and as fast as possible.

Call us today to learn more about how our Sports Therapy Program can help you recover from your surgery speedily and efficiently.

What Can Our Sports Injury Program Offer You?

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  • A comprehensive evaluation with a Physical Therapist that will assess your musculoskeletal health and sports injury rehabilitation needs.
  • A personal plan of care designed by a Physical Therapist in accordance with your injury, age, specific goals, current level of fitness and/or any medical condition.
  • Professional one-on-one, hands-on treatment performed by a highly qualified therapist that will help you achieve your goal of going back to participating in your favorite sport.
  • A comfortable, clean, safe and relaxed environment where you can receive the attention and individualized care that promotes rehabilitation and healing.
  • Friendly personal staff that will provide you with the support, guidance and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.
  • Accountability to achieve long lasting results through structured, supervised appointments and documented progress during each appointment.
  • All the important tools and resources you need to better understand your surgery rehabilitation treatment and gain the confidence and discipline to achieve your goals.
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Great facility and people! I been going to Mesa Therapy for 1 year and it has been a wonderful experience. I had an ACL reconstruction and it has been a long journey. However, after my therapy sessions the evidence of hard training and support is making my leg stronger. Mark is my therapist and his helpers make sure I stay on track and help me get the strength I need for full recovery.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Athletes of all levels that have been injured and are determined to get back to their favorite sport as soon as possible.
  • Athletes of all levels that want advanced hands-on individualized treatment that will give them the tools to improve performance and prevent the risk of re-injury.
  • Athletes of all levels that are looking to be treated and guided by physical therapists with extensive background in sports medicine that share their competitive drive and understand their desire to “get back in the game.”