Chronic Pain Management Program

 Chronic Pain management Program San DiegoThe Chronic Pain Management Program is designed for people that have been suffering from continued pain, stiffness and/or weakness in one or more areas of the body. Whether you suffer from neck or back pain from sitting at the computer or you have an injury or surgery that never fully recovered, Mesa Physical Therapy’s Chronic Pain Management Program is what you need to reduce or eliminate your pain and get back to the activities you enjoy.

There are many conditions or injuries that can cause chronic pain, such as: sprains and strains, muscle weakness, balance issues, past injuries or surgeries that weren’t properly rehabilitated like lumbar disc surgery or an arthroscopic meniscectomy.

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chronicpain 9715244 sWhat Can Our Chronic Pain Management Program offer you?

  • A comprehensive evaluation with a Physical Therapist that will assess your musculoskeletal health and injury.
  • A personal plan of care designed by a Physical Therapist in accordance with your age, specific goals, current level of fitness and/or any medical condition.
  • Professional one-on-one, hands-on treatment performed by a highly qualified therapist that will help you achieve your goal of reducing or eliminating chronic pain.
  • A comfortable, clean, safe and relaxed environment where you can receive the attention and individualized care that promotes healing.
  • Friendly personal staff that will provide you with the support, guidance and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.
  • Accountability to achieve long lasting results through structured, supervised appointments and documented progress during each appointment.
  • All the important tools and resources you need to better understand your treatment and gain the confidence and discipline to achieve your goals.
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Turns out that my minor back injury was a good thing as I was referred to Mesa and now I am doing better than before. I did not understand how compromised my back muscles were from years of office work. Randy put together a therapeutic and strengthening plan that has greatly diminished my pain and discomfort. The Mesa staff are all friendly, energetic and very supportive. Thanks!

Who Can Benefit?

  • Men and women of all ages that are tired of living with pain and are ready to take action to reduce or eliminate their chronic pain.
  • Men and women that no longer want to rely solely on medication as a temporary fix for their chronic pain.
  • People that have been dealing with pain after not being able to complete their physical therapy treatment due to their busy schedule or other life constraints.
  • People that suffer from chronic pain due to poor posture or strenuous repeated activities.