My therapy and home instruction were excellent. The staff at Mesa Physical Therapy is very nice; everyone really cares about what they do and their patients.
Steve Postoperative Rehabilitation Program Patient
Of three facilities I have utilized in the past 1 ½ years, this is by far the best! I appreciate that the staff recognizes the specific problem, but also other areas affected due to the problem!
Teresa Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program Patient
I found my physical therapist, Randy Gustafson, to be very professional, caring and helpful. The receptionist was always very pleasant, courteous, and accommodating in setting up my sessions.
Jan Postoperative Rehabilitation Program Patient
The entire experience was much better than what I had expected after shoulder surgery. Mesa Physical Therapy made my physical therapy fun and enjoyable while still making sure I was doing as much as I could to further my rehab. I recently started archery practice again and feel that the given exercises were just what I needed to get me back into it.
Jason Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program Patient
I learned that hands and fingers required specialists whose skills differ from those therapists working on the torso. I highly recommend Mesa Physical Therapy for those who seek individualized care in a comfortable atmosphere.
Duncan Hand & Occupational Therapy Program Patient
Be assured the healing process starts as soon as you walk in the door. Mesa Physical Therapy is second to none. They receive a 10 plus award!
William Hand & Occupational Therapy Program Patient
Everyone in the staff is is very polite and attentive. I always look forward to going to therapy because everyone has been very caring since day 1.
Estalin Work Injury Rehabilitation Program Patient
Mr. Randall Gustafson properly diagnosed my problems and developed a specific program to be followed. Together, this team of wonderful, caring individuals dedicated themselves to sending me home without pain! They also provided me with home exercises to strengthen, my legs and lower back.
Duncan Active Senior Program
I’ve been going to physical therapy off and on for four years now. I have been treated by 3 different physical therapist clinics and found myself coming back to Mesa Physical Therapy. While other physical therapists treated me like a number, working with 3-4 patients at the same time, Mesa Physical Therapy provides patients with personal care. The staff is a fun group; friendly, helpful and professional. Mark, my physical therapist is very knowledgeable, experience and personable. He is excellent at explaining the problem, developing a course of action and implementing a regiment of exercise and stimulation. If you need a physical therapy that will help personally help you through your rehabilitation this is the place!
Vincent Chronic Pain Management Program Patient
I’ve had plenty of physical therapy over the years and Mesa Physical Therapy is the best. I recommend them highly!
Patricia Postoperative Rehabilitation Program Patient